Dee Conway 

Photography. It's in my blood I guess.  I just have a need to do it - putting light onto film or the digital sensor.  Much of the process is attached to feeling, especially when I'm photographing something in nature that really moves me. It's just a way to express what is inside me, from observation of what is outside of me if that makes any sense. There is a spiritual sense in nature that really brings me in and that is the thing I most appreciate about life. From very early on in my life this captured me and never let go. I mean, doesn't everybody just go into awe when they hear an owl hoot in the dead of night?  Or the sound of wind whistling through the trees on a quiet ski slope? I don't know about you, but I don't feel right when I don't see the sun go down each day.

Maybe it all stems from where I come from. We had woods behind our house, big rocks in a small forest on which to eat my peanut butter sandwich, blackberries, raspberries, elderberries and Italian plums to eat, robin's eggs and box turtles to find, deer to see in our yard in the early morning, sunrises and sunsets over the mountains, caterpillars which eventually turned to butterflies, colorful fall leaves that would knock your socks off, and a view of the valley that didn't quit. 

Oh, I like people, too. 

I have shown in galleries and other venues since the early 90's, been published a bit, and won a few awards. I continue to photograph, sometimes paint, and I write.